Regulatory and Technical Services

For food retailers and manufacturers

Ensuring your brands and products are always legal and compliant is what MSAC Solutions specialises in.

With a wealth of international experience across the team, we provide tailored services and solutions for your business.  From one-off advice to large project delivery, our team of experts in regulatory affairs, specification writing, technical, quality and product development are on hand to help you. With an international team and customer base, we can support your business wherever your products are sold in the world.

Specification Services

Product specifications are a fundamental part of your quality due diligence and legal compliance. Yet, these are often inaccurate, incomplete, or simply missing. At MSAC Solutions, our expert team of specification analysts work with manufacturers and retailers to ensure specifications are fully compliant in a timely manner. 

MSAC clients enjoy the following benefits:

Improved Speed to Market

Working closely with the manufacturers to ensure a prompt turnaround of specifications, we reduce timelines in preparing your pack copies, so your launch process simply becomes faster.

Labelling Consistency

Our specification team do their reviews based on legal requirements and your internal guidelines. This ensures your specifications and labels are consistent across your range, making it easy for your customers to navigate across your brand.

Reduced Costs

With a “right first time” approach, we ensure your pack copies and specifications are always accurate. Producing multiple versions of artwork is both a time consuming and costly exercise. At MSAC, we thrive on ensuring we get it right so you only have to go through one version, saving you precious time and significantly reducing costs.

Complete and Accurate Data

Our service ensures your specification records are maintained in good order at all times. Are you delisting products? We update the associated records. Stopped using a vendor? We deactivate the vendor, its sites and any system access. Your accurate data is always up to date and ready to be extracted at any time.

Legal Compliance

Experienced and highly trained, our specification analyst’s attention to detail guarantees all specifications are delivered to the same high standard. Working closely with the manufacturing sites, we ensure that the specifications are always reflective of their products and manufacturing processes.

Efficiency Gains

As an administrative and time-consuming activity, specification completion often distracts technical teams from their primary tasks. With administration of specifications taken care of, teams can focus on delivering business-critical technical and quality outcomes.

Technical Documentation

To ensure accuracy of information and a consistent approach, teams need strong policies and guidelines they can follow and align to. With our expertise and exposure to various markets across the globe, we have come to understand specific labelling requirements and can assist you and specifically tailor this to your business. This includes, but not limited to:

Policy Writing

With food safety, nutritional, environmental guidelines and regulations constantly changing, have you kept your policies up to date? With our knowledgeable technical team and industry insight, we can help you stay abreast of all the changes and update your policies in a timely manner.

Labelling Guidelines Creation

Do you need all your requirements centralised into one document to share with your technologists and nutritionists? We can help and ensure all is documented in one place that will provide consistency across your business.

Gold Standard Specification Templates

Based on the highest industry standards, we develop “gold standard” specification templates that your suppliers can align to and follow. Benefit from fully completed specifications every time.

Retailer Ready Packages​

To discuss how we can customise any of these services into a package to suit your requirements please get in touch with one of our staff.

Consulting and Advice

With a profound understanding of manufacturing and retail environments across multiple countries, our technical consultants will help your business improve its processes. In this ever changing, fast-paced and challenging environment, it is not always easy to keep up with the best and most efficient practices. Partnering with world class businesses, we have expert understanding of best ways of working:

Internal Process Reviews

Is your “concept to market” timeline too slow, involve too many steps, become too restrictive? Is your specification process too convoluted and hard to manage? Our consultants are experienced practitioners who can review your internal process and provide you with small efficiency improvements or radical step changes. We adapt to your needs and offer realistic and achievable solutions.

Operational Structure

Is your business operating with the optimal management structure? Has the dynamic changed, and it is now time for a refresh? We can help you review your structure and roles, advising on more effective options.

Withdrawal and Product Recall

In these unfortunate and challenging moments, you need to rely on a strong and robust process. We will help review and enhance this process to guarantee you successfully recall your products and protect your customers in a timely manner.

System Simplification

Are your current systems too complex and slowing your business down? We can help you review and improve your systems and ways of working to boost your speed to market and gain a competitive edge.

Regulatory Affairs

Do you need advice on new or current legislation and regulations? We can help. Our regulatory affairs specialists are on hand to provide the best information and advice, helping you make informed decisions. Do not waste time developing products that do not comply with the legislation, ask our experts first.

Our services include:

Food Regulation & Legislation Advice

Our knowledge covers a range of regulations (USA, EU, Australia/NZ, etc).

Specification & Technical requirements

Generate a legal pack copy matching your product and production process.

Label compliance checks

We can validate your labels and ensure they are fully legal and compliant to the labelling regulations where your products are being sold (ingredients, allergens, nutrition, weight, etc.)


Guidance on claims and declaration.

Product Formulation

We review product composition, additives, flavourings and colours, etc


Guidance on health claims, logos and panel reviews.

Customer Complaints Handling

Our support team can handle your customer complaints, helping you to respond promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

New Product Development

We can offer your business the development and technical support you need (from NPD concept to products on the shelf). Our food developers and nutritionists can assist you in:


Looking to develop the capability or your internal team or supply chain? MSAC have developed training and elearning solutions for cost effective delivery of change and up-skilling, anywhere, anytime, including:

Retailer Ready Packages

To discuss how we can customise any of these services into a package to suit your requirements please get in touch with one of our staff.