Gourmet Brands

Manufacturers are seeking out international opportunities in a push to open up new markets, with products and brands now commonly being sold in multiple countries.

With this comes the challenges of foreign food regulations, which vary widely from country to country. This exposes manufacturers to hidden risks, such as having products with non-compliant labels, and costly withdrawals and recalls.

The Problem

When Australian company Gourmet Brand began exploring the export market to diversify their portfolio and increase their global presence, they were faced with a major challenge: the need to comply to the US FDA and USDA food regulations, including the recently updated Nutritional Facts Panels.

With food legislation and regulations changing on a regular basis, it is very hard and time consuming to keep up to date and ensure all the labels used stay compliant with all the various local legislation. To remove any concerns and ensure all labels are always compliant, the use of external regulatory and technical experts was the obvious choice.

Our Solution

MSAC Solutions has a team of experts in regulatory affairs, quality and nutrition, which offers a range of Regulatory and Technical services. The team brings with it a wealth of international experience and a physical presence in multiple countries. MSAC Solutions were the perfect partner to help Gourmet Brand to navigate complex international legislation to ensure full compliance – enabling them to pursue international opportunities, selling their products on the US market.

With a unique approach, MSAC Solutions partners with their customers to understand their requirements, and provide specific and tailored services and advice. MSAC provides definitive advice to ensure all products are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations, no matter how complex.

The outcome

Within days, MSAC Solutions had consulted with Gourmet Brand on their needs, assessed their label data and provided advice to ensure that Gourmet Brand products were fully compliant with US regulations. Their labels were then ready to be printed for their products to hit the shelves in a new US market.

Working with MSAC Solutions also means that going forward, Gourmet Brand will be alerted to any amends to the legislation and regulations, putting them on the front foot for any future changes. This work enables Gourmet Brand to better manage their stock of labels and be well-prepared for any necessary label updates, saving both time and money.

This has brought absolute peace of mind to the team and enabled Gourmet brand to fully focus on selling and growing a brand that customers can trust, knowing that they have worked with experts on their labels.

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