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Retailers are requiring manufacturers provide more detailed compliance data for private label products, increasing the manufacturer’s workload. 

Gathering documentation and data to input in the retailer’s IT compliance systems is time consuming and adds pressure on already stretched quality teams, who also need to focus on internal quality systems.

The Problem

While product development, factory trials and quality controls are conducted by internal teams, it is important that the technical information is gathered in parallel. This helps guide the NPD process, and ensures that the retailers’ tight timelines are met.

When Chef Fresh started developing new products for Coles, they found their technical teams were stretched trying to provide detailed compliance information whilst undertaking essential oversight of internal quality systems. They were unable to complete both in parallel, putting the launch date at risk.

Our Solution

Chef Fresh engaged MSAC Solutions to provide critical technical support. With their proven experience of dealing with retailers, regulatory and technical expertise, and a dedication to achieving timelines, MSAC were the perfect partner to work with Chef Fresh.

Aligning with the Chef Fresh Development and Quality teams, MSAC gathered all the required information and inputted this data directly into the Coles system. Working collaboratively with the development team, MSAC provided advice on nutritional claims and substantiation, helping to adjust the recipes until the perfect balance of product quality and claims was found. Technical specifications containing all the critical information for pack copies were created in a timely and accurate manner.  Specification information included recipe breakdowns, allergens and cross-contaminations, nutrition and claims and packaging sustainability. 

The outcome

With the technical aspect taken care of by MSAC technical team, Chef Fresh was able to focus on the factory and successfully deliver the launch of high quality and great tasting products.

For their customer Coles, it also meant a highly successful launch with all the products on the shelves on time, with fully compliant labels and “Gold Standard” specifications.

This has reinforced the relationship between Coles and Chef Fresh, based on the confidence that Chef Fresh has the capacity to deliver its projects on time and to a very high standard.

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