For Oracle Retail Brand Compliance

The MSAC Plug Ins enable you to do so much more with the data you have stored in Oracle Retail Brand Compliance (ORBC)

Our plug ins enable you to further integrate you ORBC data into your business processes and to automate the way your business rules are applied.

Extend your ORBC application into another dimension.

  • • Dashboard reporting – Extract your data and combine into easily managed dashboards with real time data.
  • • API Integration – Fully leverage the Oracle API’s to unlock the true potential of your ORBC data.
  • • Web Form Data Entry -Use external web-based forms to capture data and automatically update the content in ORBC.
  • • Rules Based Messages and Alerts – Send notifications, alerts and calls to action directly to targeted recipients, according to you business rules and workflow.
  • • Translate Foreign Text – Use MSAC Plug Ins to automatically run non glossary text entries through a translation engine to display as you choose.
  • • Combine Your Data – Use MSAC Plug Ins to combine ORBC with other data sources. Collect and inject data from anyone you chose, wherever they are.
  • • Renewal & Update Management – Use MSAC Plug Ins to identify when records are due for renewal or review and automatically call stakeholders to action. For example, always ensure that the most current certificates and accreditations are held against sites and alert stakeholders if they lapse.
Simply do more with your Oracle Retail Brand Compliance application.

Retailer Ready Packages

To discuss how we can customise any of these services into a package to suit your requirements please get in touch with one of our staff.