​If you are looking for the best private label life cycle management tool, look no further than our partner Oracle.

Oracle Retail Brand Compliance (ORBC) is a suite of modules specifically designed to enable grocery retailers, restaurants, food service and manufacturers to source, develop, market, and protect their brands. 

ORBC enables detailed capture of conformance during the sourcing and selection of suppliers and their manufacturing plants, manages all aspects of the product specification, creating accurate and certified labelling detail against local regulative and industry policies.

As Silver Partners and experts in ORBC, we are working closely with Oracle to provide their customers with high quality services. From system implementation, data migration, client services and supply chain
management to technical and regulatory services, MSAC delivers expert and specialised services to help you extract the best out of the solution.

Join the leading retailers already using ORBC and MSAC Solutions will work closely with you to ensure the system is aligned with your specific business needs and requirements.

ORBC Benefits


Enables confidence in a brand’s labelling claims, brand promise, supply chain transparency and quality.


75% reduction in rework across the supply chain, 40% growth in productivity and 25% improvement in speed to market.


Single source of truth driving rapid response, quality of data and improved working
environment for practitioners.


Enables full due diligence, conformance and awareness driving improved quality and consumer trust.


Low up-front investment and subscription-based pricing.


Rapid ROI achieved via faster, easier deployment.

Let's work together to ensure your system is aligned with your business needs and requirements