Opal BPM

If you are looking for a practical process workflow and artwork management tool, our partner Opal BPM has the perfect software for your needs.

Specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of
brand owners and pricate label retailers, this artwork solution lives online and works seamlessly alongside branding, product development, marketing and packaging professionals to streamline communications and improve efficiency.

At MSAC Solutions, we are working closely with our partner and we can help you work through your business needs, implementation, process workflows, etc.

With our international presence and multilingual capabilities, MSAC Solution can help you integrate the Opal software wherever your business is located. We can help and facilitate the discussion and implementation of our partner’s software.

Opal BPM Key Benefits

Designed for people

Opal empowers in-house teams with greater accessibility and usability improving reporting and asset management control (internally and with suppliers) throughout the lifecycle of every project.

Defined by best practice

Opal allows teams to coordinate actions around a single source of approved content which reduces human error and leads to greater regulatory compliance and improved brand consistency.

Delivering on time and to budget.

Opal improves workflow efficiencies enabling more proactive, responsive and ultimately productive decision making to take place, which helps reduce..

Find out how MSAC Solutions can help implement Opal BMS's Software.